leeward is a pop-up dinner series based in portland, maine. we serve handmade pasta, low-intervention wine, and quality cocktails.


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Jake Stevens - Food/low-stakes conspiracy theorist

Jake was born and raised in the “other” Portland, which he already knows could’ve been named Boston if that coin toss had gone wrong (can you imagine?). He attended culinary school in Arizona and spent time in several well-respected restaurant kitchens around the West. Most recently, he was the chef-de-cuisine at Naomi Pomeroy’s Beast before moving to Maine to pursue roof-raking and de-icing. Most days, he can be found aimlessly wandering the halls of Eventide with a clipboard in his hand.


Raquel Stevens - Wine & Service/Armchair metereologist

Raquel is a native New Englander who, after a 10-year rumspringa in more temperate climes, decided to return to the land of long, dark winters—reindoctrination is going as expected. She has pretty much always worked in restaurants, ranging from regarded establishments with sprawling wine lists in Los Angeles and Portland (OR), to tiki bars clumsily grafted onto old sea captains’ houses where you order white wine and are handed Bud Light. Now she can be found bopping around Drifters Wife, waxing poetic about Corsica and trying not to talk to herself at the POS.

And we get a lot of help from talented friends, including cocktails from Max Overstrom-Coleman (Little Giant), desserts from Kate Fisher-Hamm (Lio), kitchen hands from Jason Eckerson and Sean McGuire (Big Tree Hospitality), and service from a rotating cast of lovely folks you likely recognize from your favorite spots around town.


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